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The department is equipped to follow up the pregnant woman from the first months with all analyzes and x-rays (ultrasound and 4D rays) and is equipped to receive the mother from the first moment of entry until all stages of labor and delivery are completed and the initial monitoring after birth. The mother and fetus are continuously monitored through central monitoring devices. The department is directly and around the clock supervised by consultants with experience in dealing with all critical and emergency cases, monitoring them and prompt intervention to treat them.
The department also provides the following services for emergency and elective caesarean sections
Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy for various diseases
Diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy
Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts surgically and laparoscopically
Abdominal or transvaginal hysterectomy
Diagnostics and treatment of uterine fibroids
Exploratory laparotomy
Diagnostics and treatment of uterine malignancies
Vaginal repair of all kinds, including treatment of vaginal prolapse and pelvic surgery
Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis
Surgical intervention for the treatment of immigrant and abnormal pregnancy

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