A Guide To Your Admissions


Whether you are booking an appointment with us for the first time, looking for help and advice on paying for private treatment, or require details about our admissions and support services, this section provides you with information on everything from your initial consultation to post-treatment care. Use the navigation bar to the left to find the section you require further information on

Important Information for Paiteints

In line with our commitment to high quality customer care, Shifa Hospital aims to provide clear and transparent information to patients about all aspects of their treatment. For this reason, it is our policy to quote and charge separately for individual tests and procedures carried out in the Outpatients Department.

Please be aware therefore that the cost of any tests or procedures, such as blood tests, scans and x-rays that are carried out at Shifa at the request of your consultant, are additional to the consultation fee and will be shown as separate charges in your bill. If you are in any doubt as to whether a test or procedure will attract a new charge, please speak to the nurse in advance.

If your treatment is covered by insurance, you are advised to check with your insurance company before any tests or procedures are carried out.

We hope that providing clear information about charges will help you, in discussion with your consultant to make informed decisions about your care.

If you do have any questions however please speak to your nurse before procedures are carried out.